This Learning Center Classroom details the most common gear types for motion applications — as well as the contained gear trains known as gearboxes (those mechanical components consisting of a series of integrated gears) and other iterations to simplify integration and servotuning. 

The function of GEARING is to mesh with other gear elements to transmit altered torque and rotation. In fact, gearing can change the speed, torque, and direction of motion from a drive source. 

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Worm gear efficiency

Wave & cycloidal gearing for robotics 

Driving the timber industry

Worm gears are often used for their ability to provide very high reduction ratios in a compact, single-stage design. 

Many of today’s precision applications necessitate gears capable of dramatic speed reductions, power densities, and transmission accuracies. 

Some gear units and gearmotors are specifically designed to handle heavy-duty processes.


Precision Gears

CGI Products and Capabilities

CGI, Inc.’s core business is designing and manufacturing precision components and sub assemblies to enable design excellence across a wide array of applications.

From Prototype to Production CGI enables design excellence across a wide range of industrial applications. CGI is your design and manufacturing partner helping to differentiate your product or innovation.

Six Tips for Choosing a Planetary Gearhead

Advanced Products for Robotics & Automation

When a motor is being designed into a motion control system, all too often the benefits of a gearhead are realized much too late. Designing in a gearhead at the end of the project will many times cause delay and additional cost, which could have been prevented at the start of the project.

CGI Motion enables design excellence across a wide range of industrial applications using instrument grade precision gear drives and servo gearbox products.


Raptor-SS IP69K-rated precision planetary gearheads by CGI

What features make a gearbox suitable for washdown environments?

Trends in gears and gearmotors for eMobility • washdown • customization

These Raptor-SS series gearheads are washdown ready and built with advanced heat-treated materials.

Washdown processes are common in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness of the equipment is crucial.

The fundamental mode of operation for gearing and its transmission of mechanical power remains unchanged — as has that for the electric motors with which they pair.

CGI Motion Product Configurators & 3D Models

Quickly configure and select the right gearbox for your application. This step by step process will produce a part number, description and generate a 3D CAD model for use in any CAD package. Individual configurators available by CGI product family for ease of use

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